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This site contains information on my designs and constructions of audio pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers.




Useful information to build your own audio pre-amp and power amp based on my own developed circuits.

Class AB Power Amp : FSSA-2

FSSA-2: Class AB power amp 40-100Wrms/8 ohms

my own realization of the amplifier

Pcb of USSA-3 or -5


Unpopulated PCB (layout done  by Project16 based on original layout of Alex) with BOM can be obtained from designer upon request for diy personal use ONLY.

Design approach

After doing more elaborate circuits, I have decided to get back to basic circuits and re-start from there. F5 amplifier I a good example of using only 4 transistors in symmetric configuration to obtain good sound results for such a simple amp in parts count. Simple circuits allow generally to get the sense of a more natural 3D sound. The USSA series is an attempt to preserve a natural tonal balance over the whole audio frequency  band

Who am I ?

A real monkey or passionate diy builder?

From my avatar on audio forum  some may think I am living in the jungle but unfortunately that is not the case...

Also, " Fabaudio" is different from "Fab Audio" the loudspeaker Canadian manufacturer.

Older web site

This is my older site (2008) with old projects in diy.

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